Anyone who attends a concert by Giora Feidman and perhaps continues to feed on the many impressions long after the concert is over has just become acquainted with some of the many facets of this musician at such a performance, but not all of them. For what characterizes Feidman, in addition to his outstanding virtuosity, is his enormous versatility.

All this is reflected in his programs: A Feidman trio or quartet, with the accompaniment of an organ or as a guest soloist for a great orchestra. All of these formations have one thing in common: Only in interaction with other magnificently gifted musicians does his exceptional talent truly unfold. The clarinet simply loves company. In dialogue with other instruments, it then soars to breath-taking heights and plunges into the sonorous depths that can touch us deeply within. The concertgoer never goes home after a performance with only one single, dominant emotion, but rather with an entire canon of feelings that are, in total, as colorful as life itself.

The different programmes will give you an impression of the spectrum of this multi-faceted musical personality. And anyone who was fortunate enough to have experienced all of these programs live, may indeed encounter still another, totally different context of Feidman, the existence of which nobody had ever dreamed of before. Perhaps not even the master himself ...

“For me, every concert is the first one of my life”
Giora Feidman