Giora Feidman Sextett

Klezmer for Peace

Giora Feidman Sextet

Klezmer for Peace is a project with a clear message of unity. Combining musicians from Turkey and Israel, Giora Feidman crosses all borders of religion, generation and musical goners once again.

Murat Coskun (Frame drum), Muhittin Kemal Temel (Kanun) and Gürkan Balkan (Oud, Guitar) are not only masters of their instruments but also specialists in the unique art of playing and expressing the soul of Turkish music. Being inspired by Maestro Feidman Hila Ofek and Andre Tsirlin (Jerusalem Duo) are offering a new approach by presenting the harp and saxophone not only as instruments of classical and jazz music but also as folk instruments. In his 83 year of age, after more than 56 records and numerous programs, Giora Feidman continues to do what he does best – sharing the message of unity and peace through music and bringing the art of playing klezmer to a whole new level of expression and performance.


Photo © Stephan Haeger