Cello meets Klezmer

Giora Feidman & Rastrelli Cello Quartet

Yet even beginning his 81st year, one cannot speak of retirement. His drive continues as before and continuous to be as unstoppable as his love to perform. With a repertoire ranging from Mozart to Gershwin, the Near East to Latin America, from biblical hymns up to modern Jewish songs, from solo performances to large orchestral concerts, the klezmer legend has been thrilling audiences both young and old for decades. And time and time again he seeks new musical challenges through innovative projects. 

Cello meets Klezmer

Currently, the international star Giora Feidman and the Rastrelli Cello Quartet are presenting their programme “Cello meets Klezmer” with works of Sam Liberman, Carl Orff, Manuell da Falla, Paul Desmond, The Beatles and many more. Kira Kraftzoff, musical director of the Rastrellis, has already played with Giora Feidman in more than 200 concerts in various formations – as a duo, quartet and as orchestral director.

For years, Feidman’s passionate music, his high degree of professionalism and virtuosity has inspired Kira Kraftzoff as well as his quartet colleague Sergio Drabkin. It is also Drabkin, whose genius work with the four Rastrellis has opened up a multi-facetted repertoire ranging from classical to musicals, klezmer and jazz. The “Rastrelli Quartet” encompasses four violoncelli and yet it seems as though one can perceive the exceptional sounds of a classic string quartet. Their playing transforms the cello into a string instrument which appears to know no limits.

In concert, the quartet’s four musicians enter a dialog with Feidman’s fascinating klezmer clarinet in a devoted, technically perfect, captivating way and with thousands of tonal colours.

An exclusive sound experience that is world class.