Three Musical Worlds – One Love

The Giora Feidman Klezmer Fantasy

Giora Feidman (clarinet)
Marina Baranova (piano)
Murat Coşkun (frame drums, percussion)

In this program Giora Feidman, Marina Baranova and Murat Coşkun present their joint project in a thrilling musical trialogue. It brings together different musical worlds, which at first seem too disparate to merge harmoniously:
classical, improvisation, klezmer, jazz, tango, oriental singing, Mediterranean and Indian percussion and experimental sounds.

The three exceptional artists have created a program in which you can hear the sparks jump between the clarinet, piano and frame drums and feel the passion and creativity of the musicians in every note.

Feidman, Baranova and Coşkun inspire each other and demonstrate their vastly diverse musicality in improvisations. They give the audience rhythms, groove and melodies and turn them into an excited companion on the extraordinary musical journey, which includes works by Astor Piazzolla, Sam Liberman, Ora Bat Chaim and J.S Bach, as well as those by the ensemble members themselves.

Inspired by the collaboration with Giora Feidman and encouraged by him to express themselves musically not only through existing works, Marina Baranova explored new paths, drawing melodies from her own imagination to compose pieces for this program.

Murat Coşkun, one of the most sought-after frame drummers of his generation, shines in his own compositions, which juxtapose highly complex rhythms against oriental melodies. Giora Feidman, who has always loved pushing musical boundaries and looking for connections in music, eventually unites the parts that at first seemed so disparate.